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October 5, 2014

Future Zookeeper. Day 253

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Each of my kids has had their thing.  Something they could play with for hours and just couldn’t get enough of.  For Ian it was cars, for Eve it was shoes and I think Ivy’s thing may be her animals.  She can play with them for hours.  She makes them talk, cooks for them, even snuggles them up for naps.  I love listening to her play with them.  It’s funny… I’ve had these animals since Ian was little.  I think I thought they were cute and so started the collection.  The farm, the house, the zoo, the pirate ship and on and on…I wanted him to play with them so bad, but he wasn’t interested.  I held onto them with hopes that Eve would like them and she never really cared about them.  Finally, all of my waiting paid off :)IMG_2579lr

October 4, 2014

Lazy, Lazy Saturday. Day 252

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Ivy’s got the right idea.  Napping on a Saturday with the cool fall breeze blowing through the windows.  Now only if I could get all this work done and join her…


October 3, 2014

My View for the Weekend. Day 251

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To say I’ve been busy lately would be a big understatement.  It’s preschool picture season and family picture season all at the same time…which has been great.  Although, I do have to admit…starting to miss the kids a little bit.  Our time together has been very limited and what we do have is filled with dinner, baths and homework.  IMG_6564

September 12, 2014

Safety Patrol. Day 250

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A couple weeks ago, Ian came home with a job application.  At his school, all of the 5th graders can apply for different jobs that help the school.  There was a list of about 5, but Ian had his heart set on one job, Safety Patrol.  It’s basically keeping the halls safe from kids running, helping to open doors, etc.  He was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell me about it when I picked him up from school.  I knew he wanted it.  So, when we got home we sat down and took a closer look at the application.  All of a sudden, Ian didn’t want to do it anymore.  Turns out he had to write a paragraph explaining why he would be best fit for the job.  Well, as Ian’s mom I really don’t want to force him to do anything that he doesn’t want to do, but I also don’t want him to give up on things because they are too hard or out of fear of rejection.  I thought about it and after a while I decided to make him write the paragraph.  He was so mad.  He really didn’t want to do it, but this is one instance I felt like he was passing something up because he was afraid to fail.  So, I felt like it was important for him to complete it.  I helped him think of some of the reasons he would be great at it, and he thought of some too and wrote a great paragraph with some excellent points.  Fast forward a week or so and he comes home with this shiny new outfit.  You are looking at the newest member of the Safety Patrol.  Look at that smile!  Sometimes stepping outside of what you are comfortable with is the only way to get what you want.  So proud of my sweet boy!


September 8, 2014

Ballerina Girl. Day 249

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Tonight was Ivy’s very first night of dance class.  She tapped, danced, swirled and flipped.  Had a wonderful time!





September 7, 2014

Girls’ Night Out. Day 248

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What a fun Sunday we had today!  We got to spend the day with Ivy’s very best friend in the world, Millie.  We got our nails done, had a wonderful dinner and finished up the evening with a photo shoot.  So lucky to have such great friends…



And now for the photo shoot.  Miss Diva herself…

IMG_2147Ivy and Millie…



Getting giggly…




IMG_2181Trying to get a shot of both girls looking at me.  Neither one looked at the same time.  Oh well… I love both of them :)


IMG_2188Ivy showed Millie a few of her modeling poses.  She’s a professional, ya know…



Millie trying to get the hang of it…


It didn’t take long.  I think she’s a natural…


She’s even got the serious face nailed…


And the sweet face…


Lovin’ on the pig a little bit…





Showing off their manis…


We had a wonderful day!  Ready for another night out already :)

September 6, 2014

Work Project. Day 247

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Helping momma out with a work project today…

IMG_2130Ta da!


Ice Cream at Jo Jo’s. Day 246

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Ivy got a treat today.  She worked hard and it finally paid off.  She got to draw a prize from our goody jar and came back with ice cream at the local ice cream shop, Jo Jo’s!  She was so excited!  Again, Ivy picks plain ol’ chocolate…

IMG_2124IMG_2122 IMG_2127

The Goody Jar. Day 245

I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to new ways to motivate my kids.  I usually love coming up with new ways to keep them excited about helping and cleaning and being thoughtful.  I could do allowance and have before, but truthfully it doesn’t really work out for our family.  Each family is different, I know.  But for our family, handing over money each week just didn’t make as much sense.  For one, this momma’s not usually got a ton of money lying around and for another my kids tend to be ok blowing off chores if they don’t have anything at the moment they need the money for and not to mention a lot of these strips have really fun family stuff that I get to enjoy too.  For us, our goody jar seems to do the trick so I thought I would share how ours works…


IMG_2139Our goody jar is a good ol’ mason jar with probably about 100 little paper strips inside each with little ideas and prizes.  Some big, some small, but that’s all part of the fun.  I’ll list those out below for those of you who may need a little help coming up with ideas.  I also let the kids trade prizes with each other if they want.  The more excited they are about it, the more successful it will be! 

The fun for mommy comes in how they earn these little guys.  Here is our system:

We use tickets.  3 different colors.  I got these handy little tickets at the dollar store and thought they were perfect!

IMG_2145lrRed tickets are worth 5 points.  Green tickets are worth 50 points.  “Golden” tickets are worth 100 points.  The Golden ticket is the one you want because once you get a golden ticket, you can turn it in for a grab in the goody jar.   

Ian and Eve share a list since they are so close in age.  Ivy has a different list since her expectations are not quite as high as the big kids.  Basically, they earn tickets based on how well they complete their responsibilities.  If you decide to use this system, you may want to alter your list based on what your children’s responsibilities are but our list looks a little something like this:JOBSlrNow, most of our jobs are pretty self explanatory, but I do have a pretty special way for the big kids to earn extra tickets.  If you look at their chart, you will see a ? at the very bottom.  This is where our chore job comes into play.  I also have a mason jar filled with chores listed out on popsicle sticks and beside of each chore I have listed the number of points each chore is worth.  That way, if one of the kids need just a few more points to get that golden ticket they might suddenly get “inspired” to help out with a chore :)  That’s my FAVORITE part! 

Well, that pretty much wraps it up.  This system works for us.  Probably isn’t for everyone, but I thought I would share in case you think it might help get your kids motivated as well :)

Oh, and for those of you looking for ideas for prizes, here are just a few of the “goodies” in our jar…

  • Read a book with mommy
  • Choose what’s for dinner
  • Thirty minutes late bedtime
  • Remote for a day (a pretty big deal in our house with 3 kids)
  • Go for a walk with mommy
  • Dollar in real money
  • Slumber party in mommy’s room
  • Night out with mommy
  • Make dinner with mommy (surprisingly a big hit)
  • Movie night with just mommy (at home with popcorn)
  • Game with mommy
  • Five dollars (the big one)
  • Trip to the dollar store with complimentary dollar
  • Pack of gummies
  • Week free of chores (another big hit)
  • No limits electronics day (we usually limit it to 2 hours, so this ones a big deal too)
  • Muffin at the coffee shop
  • Ice cream at the ice cream shop
  • Design a smoothie
  • Bake cookies with Mommy
  • Dance party (with decorations and dress up)
  • Treasure hunt
  • Thirty minutes scrap book with mommy
  • Photography lesson with mommy
  • Day out with Grandma
  • Breakfast in bed (This one is pending.  Haven’t drawn this one yet, so it may be a one time thing :) )
  • Rockstar for a Day (basically get spoiled for a day)
  • Choose your seat at the table
  • Two golden tickets
  • Three golden tickets
  • Manicure or pedicure by mommy
  • Hour of video games with mommy
  • Candy of choice from candy store
  • Pack your lunch for a day (this one has boundaries ;) )
  • Mommy visits school for lunch
  • Movie rental
  • Video game rental
  • Bible time with mommy
  • Juice for dinner (we usually have water, so this is also awesome to the kids)
  • New school supply
  • Biscuit on the way to school




September 4, 2014

Dance Night. Day 244

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Tonight was Eve’s first night back to dance class.  Which might I add, if you are in the market for a dance class near Lexington or Winston Salem, Dance Alley is the place to go!  Eve loves all of her teachers and has learned so much over the past few years.

This year is a little bit different for us.  Eve had to choose which type of dance she’s going to pursue, where in the past she’s had a little bit of time with each type.  For Eve it was easy.  She chose acrobatics and hip hop.  I think it fits her well, although I’m going to miss seeing how sweet she looks in her ballet attire.  Anyway, here’s our “back to dance” picture…


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