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December 18, 2014

Sweet baby doesn’t feel well.

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Yesterday was rough.  Ivy woke up several times bright dark and early screaming that her ear hurt.  I just knew she had an ear infection, which I know from experience DOES NOT go away easily.  So, we took a trip to the doctor’s office to see if they could help her.  Everything was fine until they had to look in her ear and in order to see everything, they had to do a little cleaning.  She screamed her head off.  Let me just say, there is nothing more heart-wrenching than hearing your baby girl scream, “Help, Mommy” as you are holding her down.  My heart breaks just thinking back about it.  Thankfully, she’s three and her day can be turned around pretty easily with just the mention of a sticker.




December 17, 2014

Trouble Maker.

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Mo thinks he’s got jokes today…





December 16, 2014

Halloween in December.

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I know this post comes a little late, but I just realized I missed out on posting our pics from Halloween and I wanted to share.  December or not.  Haha.

Here’s my little team…


Ivy went as a cowgirl princess.  I went out and bought her a beautiful pair of princess shoes and because she was going through a SERIOUS boot phase and simply wouldn’t have it any other way…



My 80’s rockstar…



My old man…



And me with my crazy little crew.  I went as Darth Vader to try and score a few cool points with the old man…


December 15, 2014

Snow Ball Fight!

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Looks like Mo and Linus decided to have a little fun last night with the marshmallows…IMG_9800lr

December 14, 2014

Rockin’ the Day Away.

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Oh, you know… Just being all cute and stuff on the rocking horse today…



December 13, 2014

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy.

Oh, how I have been wishing for a day like this since sometime this summer.  Well, it finally arrived.  A day with absolutely NOTHING to do.  I wanted a peaceful, happy Saturday with nothing but sweet family time and maybe a few sweet goodies too ;) .

My first request was to sleep in.  The kids are usually pretty good about it.  Normally through the week, I’m up at 5ish to get them all ready and to school on time.  On the weekends, with my work schedule, the latest I’ve slept in lately is about 7, so all I wanted was a little sleep.  Haha.  It was a cute thought.  Let’s just say the day did NOT go according to my plan.  Ivy was up bright and early at 6:30am.  Usually a quick fix.  Put a dvd in (since our netflix is currently not working and we do not have cable).  It usually buys me a good hour extra of sleep.  Well, the dvd player decided to suddenly stop working as well.  While I was solving this crisis, I hear Ian and Eve getting into a full fledged war upstairs about her barbies on his floor and by the time that was settled (a good 20 minutes later), I had way too much adrenaline pumping to go back to sleep.

Anyway, an hour and a new dvd player later, we had turned this day into something special.  Eggs, bacon, sausage and biscuits for breakfast.



And apparently the Egg King.  I have been trying to make over easy eggs for years and still have not perfected them.  He made two and they both turned out perfect.  I let him have this small victory.  He loves when he can outdo me at things :)




After breakfast, we got our movie marathon rolling.  Elf, Polar Express, Home Alone and hopefully a few more.  I even squeezed in a 2 hour nap!  <– Unheard of.

Ivy treated us all to some fresh baked (straight from the package) chocolate chip cookies.


Yum!  I must say, Ivy made some delicious cookies!



We are finishing out the night with popcorn and cocoa and a Charlie Brown Christmas.  I’m SO glad this day finally turned around!



December 12, 2014

O.M.G. I Can’t Wait for 2 Homework Free Weeks!!

I would tell you that my kids have been swamped with homework lately, but the truth is that they’ve been not only swamped, but covered in a mud pit and then covered with snow.  It’s been ridiculous.  This momma needs a break.  Ian has been completely overloaded with AIG projects this year along with his regular schoolwork and studies.  I’m so proud of him.  Even though he tends to get really discouraged and would much rather be playing or reading, somehow he always pulls through (even if it is 10:00pm the night before it is due).  Due by Wednesday were two pretty big projects.  He has to read two books 5th grade level or higher, write a summary on each and then do a special project that ties into the book somehow.  His two choices were Holes by Louis Sachar



and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.




December 11, 2014

Our New Friend “Mo”.

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There are a lot of things that I try to be a little more frugal with.  Well, our little elf is no exception.  No, he’s not your typical “Elf on the Shelf” because this is one instance where I tried to save a few bucks.  Little did I know that since our elf is fat and fluffy, there is so much less he can do than the slender super flexible well known elves.  But, alas my kids are in love with him, so Mo is here to stay.  I have to admit, I love watching the kids get excited searching for him every day.  He’s gotten into the candy, got a tummy ache a few times, been caught playing with the presents, gotten cocoa supplies out for breakfast (that was one wild morning) and all sorts of other things.  Today, he’s playing psychiatrist.


December 10, 2014

Christmas is Here. Day Whatever…

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For anyone who follows me, I’m still alive and well.  I gave up on the daily blog thing when fall hit.  Business took the helm.  We’ve had a fun, fun fall, but to be honest, I’ve barely taken any pictures of them.  Makes me sad when I think about that, but I think I may have been busier with work these past two months than I have been the entire year.  Which is great!  I love my job.  But, looking forward to some downtime with the kiddos now and looking forward to being able to enjoy what’s left of the year with them :)

Here’s our tree, which surprisingly went up right on schedule (day after Thanksgiving) with the help of my troop!  And don’t worry… Not all of those are gifts.  I wrapped up a Christmas book for each day this month (which they open and we read together each night until Christmas).  There are 15 books still to go until Christmas.

IMG_9594I’ll try and make an appearance more often now that things are beginning to wrap up :)

October 5, 2014

Future Zookeeper. Day 253

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Each of my kids has had their thing.  Something they could play with for hours and just couldn’t get enough of.  For Ian it was cars, for Eve it was shoes and I think Ivy’s thing may be her animals.  She can play with them for hours.  She makes them talk, cooks for them, even snuggles them up for naps.  I love listening to her play with them.  It’s funny… I’ve had these animals since Ian was little.  I think I thought they were cute and so started the collection.  The farm, the house, the zoo, the pirate ship and on and on…I wanted him to play with them so bad, but he wasn’t interested.  I held onto them with hopes that Eve would like them and she never really cared about them.  Finally, all of my waiting paid off :)IMG_2579lr

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