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June 12, 2015

School’s Out!

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February 18, 2015

Playing in the Snow.

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We finally got some “playable” snow today.  Not ice, but snow.  The kids are having a blast…














IMG_0662Our snowman.  A la the kids…IMG_0688

And even our little yard gnome got in on the snow play…


February 17, 2015

Hello Kitty Party.

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It’s not every day that my kids are getting along.  In fact, it’s so rare that when they do, I think they’re up to something.  Well, much to my surprise today (while we’re all home from school for a snow day), everyone is getting along.  Getting along so well that Ian and Eve decided to surprise Ivy with a Hello Kitty party.  Ivy is loving the attention and I’m loving having a minute to get some work done this week.  I wish all snow days worked out like this…


February 2, 2015

Ian’s Big Milestone

Well, I’ve been waiting for this day a long time.  The day my son finally takes initiative to get organized.  I won’t include a picture of the rest of his room, cause he’s taking baby steps folks.  Give him a chance….


January 28, 2015

This Face.

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The perfect remedy for those not so chipper days.  God knew just what I needed when He created her…



January 2, 2015


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Happy New Year!  The beginning of the new year is one of my favorite times of year.  Even though changes can be made any time of year, there is just something about the beginning of the year that makes you feel new and like you get a fresh start.  While I have my fair share of resolutions, there is one in particular that I’ll be focusing on this year.  Positivity!  I don’t consider myself a super negative person, but there is always room for improvement and during some of the set-backs I’ve come across this past year, I thought I would put most of my focus here.

Short version of the below paragraph:  just had to replace my water heater and furnace in one day.

Well, this year did NOT start off according to plan.  A few days after Christmas (thank God), our water heater went out.  Ice cold water running from the shower just as I was ready to get in.  So, I called around and finally got a great group of plumbers to come out and check it out.  That is where my snowball began.  I won’t go into all of the details, but while they were here they discovered that the carbon monoxide being put off from the gas from the furnace and water heater was being blocked by the dust and brick decay from my crumbling chimney.  Since it didn’t have anywhere to go, carbon monoxide has been seeping out into our home for years!  NOT GOOD.  After all was said and done, I started the new year paying for a brand new furnace and water heater because of codes and the fact that both were about 15 years old, along with a few other details which are all a blur at this point.  Not exactly going hand in hand with my “Money Saving” resolution.  Needless to say, budget has been set aside for the time being.  Eve has been having terrible headaches for the past few months and now I can only focus on the fact that it very well could have been the carbon monoxide causing them.  It HAS to be fixed!

Needless to say, it is very hard to stay positive when you and your kids are funky from days without hot water or heat and you just had to shell out more than you had budgeted for the entire year on the house on the second day of the year.  But, here’s my plan:  For each thing that I find me (or my kids) griping about, we will write down one positive thing that came out of that situation.  At the end of the year, we can look back through our jar and see all of the wonderful things that happened during 2015!

Just added my first one today…


December 31, 2014

Spoiled Rotten.

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No, not my kids this time, but me!  I can’t explain how proud I am of my little man.  At the beginning of this year, my kids knew nothing about cooking (and I didn’t really either), but through the course of the year we’ve all learned lots of valuable techniques to use in the kitchen.  Well, Ian OFFERED to make breakfast for us all today.  I didn’t have to ask or anything.  He just offered.  Actually told me to go and relax.  He made a wonderful breakfast and it tasted even better knowing I didn’t have to lift a finger🙂




December 30, 2014

Barbie Overload!!

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What do you get when you get two 8 year old’s together for a sleepover?  WAYYY too many barbies!!


December 29, 2014

Sleepover Blues.

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Ian has been waiting for tonight for a long time.  His best friend was supposed to be coming over tonight for a sleepover.  Well, sometimes plans fall through and we found out last night that he wouldn’t be able to stay tonight.  Ian was pretty upset.  Although I know nothing I can do would be the same, I tried to think of something that might be equally as cool or at least a close second.  Got Ivy all “occupied” in mommy’s room watching tv…

IMG_0317lrAnd got all set up for a video game night with mommy.  I would say that judging by his face, I kinda made up for it😉


December 28, 2014

Girls Night Out.

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Ivy and I had the night to ourselves tonight.  Just she and I.


I thought about what to do with Ivy, but she’s so tricky to figure out.  I could have taken her to Chuck E. Cheese or Celebration Station, but I wanted to do something a little more grown up with her since it was something special for just she and I.  We spent the night shopping and finished it off with a little Japanese.

Waiting took forever!  It is definitely the place to be on Sundays…

IMG_0423lrHaving a little fun with the chopsticks.

IMG_0424lrIt was sooo YUMMY!!  I ate entirely too much, but it was so much fun watching Ivy experience everything :)  Love that girl to a million pieces!

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